Rental housing

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Denmark is one of the countries in Europe where the largest proportion of citizens live in rented accommodation. There is a lot of competition for the best rental properties in all cities, especially in the big cities such as Copenhagen and Aarhus.

There are many advantages to renting that appeal to the large group of renters. A clear advantage is the freedom and flexibility that comes with it – compared to buying an owner-occupied home, where you commit yourself financially to a loan etc. You can freely move out of a rental property within a short timeframe, and you can even get financial help (boligstøtte) to support paying the rent, if you meet certain requirements regarding income and assets.

New rental housing from the best landlords

Many new build rental homes are built every year in Denmark and they are very popular. First of all, you often get the opportunity to be the first resident in the apartment and thus the experience that everything is new and works perfectly.

New rental properties are often offered in attractive neighborhoods with a lot of new construction, and you can, for example, have the opportunity to live close to water, nature near e.g. Copenhagen, Aarhus or other major cities.

A large number of the new housing developments that are being built on a grand scale these years are rental properties. However, it can be difficult and confusing to get a proper overview of which new homes are being built in the area you are looking for.

Propstep exists to make it both easier and faster for you as a home seeker to get an overview of the rental housing market - in both newly built and old properties - and to rent your dream home without stress.