Rentals in Copenhagen

Rental housing make up a significant part of the housing stock in Copenhagen. The homes range from one-room student homes to huge penthouses with sea views. Get an overview of rental properties in Copenhagen here.

Rentals in Copenhagen

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A large part of the new builds in Copenhagen is offered as rental housing. In fact, approx. 20% of all homes in Copenhagen are rental homes owned by a company. You can find these on Propstep, which is exclusively for professional landlords. This way you avoid unscrupulous individuals.

The old apartments in Copenhagen can be difficult to get your hands on. On the other hand, a lot of new build is being built as rental housing and these can be particularly attractive.

The new buildings are characterized by great diversity, both architecturally and in terms of size and price, and are built for both young and old, singles, couples and families.

Rental housing is usually the way many enter the Copenhagen housing market. Rental properties are therefore particularly popular with students and families who need a place while they are looking for something permanent, as you do not commit yourself to such a large financial extent as with the purchase of a home.

Modern apartments in Copenhagen

Copenhagen's new rental properties are built to the highest quality and according to strict environmental requirements. You therefore avoid having to repair or worry too much about the financial expenses associated with daily energy consumption. The buildings are also rented out by professionals, so that you as a tenant are guaranteed greater security when paying, moving in and moving out.

New build in Copenhagen for rent

Copenhagen is the city in the country where construction activity flourishes to the highest degree. Fortunately, this ties in well with the fact that the demand for housing to rent in Copenhagen is increasing. Several areas of the capital are today totally unrecognizable from as recently as 10 years ago, with, among others, Sydhavn, Nordhavn, Carlsberg Byen and Ørestad as focal points for project construction. Lots of exciting buildings of the highest quality are being built here, such as student housing, senior housing, and larger housing for couples and families.

It can be difficult to form an overview of the many new buildings with a rental property in Copenhagen. At Propstep, all of Copenhagen's new rental properties are gathered in one place.

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