Senior Housing

Get an overview of senior housing in all of Denmark.

Senior housing for rent

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An increasing number of seniors want to rent rather than own their home because of the financial freedom it can provide.

Several of Denmark's new buildings are offered as senior housing. The homes are practically designed with great consideration for the residents, and characterized by high quality and modern architecture.

How is a "senior" defined?

It is far from certain that you define yourself as a senior when you turn 50. Nevertheless, this is often the cut-off point for senior rental housing where there are age-specific requirements. This means that senior housing is definitely not just a care home for the elderly who cannot look after themselves. On the contrary, today there are many senior housing communities targeting people whose children have moved out, but who still want to live an active lifestyle in a community with peers.

New built senior housing in buildings all over Denmark

Construction in Danish is still on a high. Especially in and around the country's largest cities, construction is at full speed, with new, modern projects in the east and west. A share of the new projects will be built as senior housing.

The new senior housing is spread over most of the country, but is primarily concentrated around urban environments, from which the residents have access to, among other things, shopping and green areas. The homes are also often built as communities, where collective activities and events can form an important part of everyday life. In some cases, the senior housing is also established as parts of larger buildings, so that the total population consists of both families, the elderly and students.

Senior rental housing of the highest quality

Senior housing can be offered as rental housing in accordance with the Tenancy Act. Rent, electricity, water, heating, deposit and security deposit must therefore be paid as in a normal rental property. The new buildings are built to the highest quality, and are often characterized by modern architecture and practical layout.

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