Need help?


  • How does Propstep work?

  • How do I create a profile?

  • What does it cost to use Propstep?

  • Do I rent my housing from Propstep?

  • Who owns the properties that are rented out on Propstep?

  • What does Propstep Rebuild mean?

  • Can't I just call you to rent a property?

  • Can I rent out my private home on Propstep?

  • Are pets allowed in the properties?

Viewing and open houses

  • Can I get a showing of the property I want to rent?

  • Can I reserve a property before I have been to the showing or open house?

  • How do I cancel my showing?

  • How do you register for an open house?

New built

  • Are there only new built on Propstep?

  • What does it mean to rent a property in a project?

The lease

  • What does screening on Propstep mean?

  • Can I show up and sign by hand?

  • Can I cancel a signed lease?

  • What happens if I terminate the lease before I have moved in?

  • How do I terminate my lease?

Still have questions?

If you can’t find the answer to your question above, feel free to contact us. If you have questions about a property found on Propstep, you have to send an application to get in touch with the right person.