Rentals in Aalborg

There are plenty of rental properties in Aalborg. In recent years, there has been a large proportion of new build rental housing, but older properties are also rented out by professional landlords. Get the complete overview of Aalborg's rental housing with Propstep.

Rental housing in Aalborg

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Several exciting projects are underway in Denmark's fourth largest city. The city has been experiencing an enormous influx, and building activity has been high to accommodate the large increase in population. A large part of the new buildings are offered as rental housing, and houses everything from families to students and the elderly. The rental process is handled by professionals with plenty of experience, so that you as a tenant do not have to worry about the security of your deposit etc.

Aalborg is also an attractive destination for newcomers with a good mix of city and nature. The city has everything you could ask for in a big city, while both the sea and open nature can be reached in a few minutes.

New rental housing in attractive surroundings

The new rental homes are built to the highest quality, with modern architecture, and are distributed over most of the city. Especially in the two new districts, Eternitten and Østre Havn, which form hubs for the area's new construction. Eternitten is located a few hundred meters south of the city center and is based on the former factory site. In addition to housing, shops, gyms and other additions to a coherent city life will be established. Several exclusive projects with attractive locations are being built at Østre Havn. The buildings exude bright colors and Nordic design, and residents have easy access to all the city's possibilities from the central location out to the Limfjord.

Get the complete overview of Aalborg with Propstep

Aalborg's rental housing is spread over most of the city including a large number of old properties in the city centre. You can use Propstep to get an overview of options. Search for buildings that match exactly your criteria and wishes, and examine what characterizes both the homes and the area.

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