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Rental housing in Aarhus

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Aarhus is Denmark's second largest city, and yet it is growing with the development of the city's traditional areas and the formation of completely new areas. A large part of the new build is offered as rental housing in varying sizes for both students, seniors and those in between. In Aarhus, special emphasis is placed on architecturally unique buildings in interaction with the existing surroundings, which create a unique contrast to the traditional city.

High-quality rental properties in Aarhus

As you will be the first resident of the new build rental property, you will not have to refurbish the home or worry about high energy bills. The homes are thus built to the highest quality and in accordance with the strictest energy regulations of the time. The letting process is handled by professionals, so that your risks as a tenant are minimized in connection with moving in, moving out and payment.

The Aarhus projects collected for you

The project buildings is spread all over Aarhus, but is particularly concentrated around the two new districts Ceres Byen and Aarhus Ø. Here, a large number of projects are being built with a focus on sustainability, functionality and architectural distinctiveness. The buildings are also characterized by great diversity, with something for every taste. There is room here for couples, families, students, single residents and everyone in between.

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