New build in Copenhagen

If you are looking for a new build rental property, you can get an overview of all projects and new buildings in Copenhagen and the surrounding area.

Strandlodsvej 3, 2. th.
Strandlodsvej 3, 2. th.København SFilmlageret - Lejeboliger
Availability: 01-08-202414.100,00Home.Earth
Svend Trøsts Vej 19, 3. 4
Svend Trøsts Vej 19, 3. 4Frederiksberg CSvend Trøsts Vej 19 - Studieboliger
Availability: 15-07-20248.050,00Akademiker Pension
Svend Trøsts Vej 19, 1. 16
Svend Trøsts Vej 19, 1. 16Frederiksberg CSvend Trøsts Vej 19 - Studieboliger
Availability: 15-09-202410.900,00Akademiker Pension
Svend Trøsts Vej 19, 4. 14
Svend Trøsts Vej 19, 4. 14Frederiksberg CSvend Trøsts Vej 19 - Studieboliger
Availability: 01-09-20248.300,00Akademiker Pension
Frederikssundsvej 11A, 2. dør 3
Frederikssundsvej 11A, 2. dør 3København NVFrederikssundsvej 11
Availability: 15-09-20248.800,00Akademiker Pension
Svend Trøsts Vej 19, 1. 13
Svend Trøsts Vej 19, 1. 13Frederiksberg CSvend Trøsts Vej 19 - Studieboliger
Availability: 01-09-20249.260,00Akademiker Pension
Svend Trøsts Vej 19, 1. 20
Svend Trøsts Vej 19, 1. 20Frederiksberg CSvend Trøsts Vej 19 - Studieboliger
Availability: 01-08-20249.260,00Akademiker Pension
Strandlodsvej 5A 2. 23
Strandlodsvej 5A 2. 23København SFilmlageret - Studieboliger
Availability: 01-08-20245.803,00Home.Earth
Svend Trøsts Vej 19, 3. 11
Strandlodsvej 5A 2. 33
Strandlodsvej 5A 2. 33København SFilmlageret - Studieboliger
Availability: Now6.368,00Home.Earth
Gammel Kongevej 5A, 6
Gammel Kongevej 5A, 6København VGammel Kongevej 3-5
Availability: Now20.000,00Akademiker Pension
Else Alfelts Vej 34 B, 5. th.
Else Alfelts Vej 34 B, 5. th.København SHeerupHave
Availability: 01-09-202412.250,00C.W. Obel Ejendomme
Else Alfelts Vej 34 B, st. tv.
Else Alfelts Vej 34 B, st. tv.København SHeerupHave
Availability: 01-10-202411.750,00C.W. Obel Ejendomme
Gyldenrisvej 106
Gyldenrisvej 106København SSkiferrækkerne
Availability: 01-10-202417.000,00Go’Bolig
Nordens Plads 4B, 1. 75.
Nordens Plads 4B, 1. 75.FrederiksbergDomus Vista, Nordens Plads
Availability: 01-07-20249.900,00Go’Bolig
Mutzuvej 4, 3. 10.
Mutzuvej 4, 3. 10.ValbyMutzuvej 2-8
Availability: 01-08-202410.500,00Go’Bolig
Peder Lykkes Vej 49C
Peder Lykkes Vej 49CKøbenhavn SPeder Lykkes Vej 49
Availability: Now8.100,00Go’Bolig
Mutzuvej 4, 1. 12.
Mutzuvej 4, 1. 12.ValbyMutzuvej 2-8
Availability: 01-09-202410.500,00Go’Bolig
Trekronergade  124 F, 3. tv.
Trekronergade 124 F, 3. tv.ValbyTrekronergade124
Availability: 01-09-202414.400,00C.W. Obel Ejendomme
Mutzuvej 8, 1. 11.
Mutzuvej 8, 1. 11.ValbyMutzuvej 2-8
Availability: 01-08-202410.500,00Go’Bolig
Mutzuvej 4, 3. 11.
Mutzuvej 4, 3. 11.ValbyMutzuvej 2-8
Availability: 01-10-202410.500,00Go’Bolig
Nordens Plads 12B, 1. 44.
Nordens Plads 12B, 1. 44.FrederiksbergDomus Vista, Nordens Plads
Availability: 01-09-20249.300,00Go’Bolig
Gyldenrisvej 110
Gyldenrisvej 110København SSkiferrækkerne
Availability: 01-09-202417.200,00Go’Bolig
Teglholmens Østkaj 41, st.
Teglholmens Østkaj 41, st.København SVTeglværkskajen
Availability: 01-09-202416.600,00C.W. Obel Ejendomme

New build in Copenhagen

No available properties right now

In line with an increasing housing shortage, especially in Copenhagen, more and more new buildings are being built to meet the need. In the capital area alone, over 1,200 housing projects are currently being built, a large proportion of which are for rent.

On Propstep you can get a free overview of projects and new apartment buildings in the capital, and with an extended search function you can narrow the search to a number of criteria.

In addition to this, you will also find all the information about various buildings that you will find useful in your housing search - from the number of available homes, date of moving in, prices, etc. for detailed descriptions of the building and the surrounding area.

It may be that you find exactly the home you are looking for in Copenhagen through Propstep.

Project rentals in Copenhagen

A large part of the many buildings in the capital area are offered as rental housing.

A project rental simply means that a developer has purchased a plot of land and is building a project building here with a view to offering it for rent, typically to private tenants. There are detailed descriptions, drawings and 3D images in advance, and on the basis of this material, interested tenants strike before the property is finished. This means that you, as a tenant, can get to new attractive locations first, but you, on the other hand, have to wait for the construction to be completed and also carry a certain risk of how the final construction (and area) will turn out.

Until now, it has been difficult for the home seeker to form a proper overview of the options within project rental housing - but Propstep provides the solution.

Propstep brings together construction projects and new builds under the same roof - with the simple aim of making it easy and quick for those looking for a brand new home to search for homes and then complete the entire rental process.

Copenhagen's newly built districts

Construction activity in the capital is particularly centered in a number of new districts which have grown over the last 10-20 years and are still under construction.

The southern part of Islands Brygge is today completely unrecognizable compared to just 15 years ago. Closely built, but many exciting buildings are built here.

Sydhavnen covers a number of the most active construction areas in Copenhagen. Among other things. Sluseholmen and Teglholmen are close to being established, while Enghave Brygge has only just started.

Copenhagen's Nordhavn is perhaps the city's most ambitious district for new construction. Here you can live in Denmark's most expensive owner-occupied apartment and also experience many spectacular construction projects.

Amager Strand is an alternative to the other districts, where you get very close to the Øresund and also have a good opportunity to get a fantastic view, as several exciting towers are being built at the height.

Ørestad covers a large area on Amager and is thus both close to nature and a short distance from the city. Here, for a number of years, they have worked to establish a completely new city within the city.

The old industrial area Carlsberg Byen is being transformed into a new district close to Vesterbro. Many ambitious and exciting buildings are also built here.

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