Propstep Rebuild

We humans are in the process of destroying our home, Earth. Although new constructions are moving in a more sustainable direction, real estate is still a a major contributor to your personal carbon footprint. Let's do something about it.

Why should a platform save the world? Why not?

Granted, a rental housing platform won't save the world. But why not really?

We have a burning desire to make a difference in the world we live in. Maybe you are also tired of feeling powerless while we are screwing up the planet. Now you can do something with us - concretely and effectively.

Let's first get the facts straight...

CO2 facts

New build leaves its mark on Mother Earth

A newly built home leaves a significant carbon footprint. Building materials are produced and transported. Heavy diesel machines raze nature to the ground to make room. Large amounts of water and electricity are used.

In fact, an average newly built 80 square meter apartment has the equivalent of 2 tonnes of CO2 annually on its conscience. Source: Consito


Sustainable construction

Fortunately, much is already being done to reduce the CO2 impact and to make new build homes more sustainable.

Here at Propstep, you will be able to find buildings that are certified sustainable and all new buildings today are built in accordance with the latest building regulations.

This is how we make a difference

We rebuild nature

We at Propstep want to go one step further and at the same time make it easy for you to make a difference. When you rent your home through Propstep, we plant a minimum of 10 trees in new forest or achieve a similar positive climate effect through other initiatives, such as laying out wild nature.


Collaboration with Growing Trees

We plant trees in Danish "folkeskov" through our partner Growing Trees. All forests are publicly accessible.

The collaboration also guarantees maintenance and the required replanting for the first 3 years.

Growing Trees