Apartments in beautiful surroundings in Næstved

  • Næstved

  • To rent

  • 30-136m²

  • 1-5 rooms

  • Built in 1956

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Herlufsvænge 18, st. th

  • 120m²
  • 4
  • 12.000,00
  • Availability: 01/08/2024

About Herlufshave

Herlufshave is the perfect home for those who desire an idyllic natural area with ample opportunities for outdoor activities, in the heart of a thriving city.

We offer rental apartments in Næstved, in all sizes and for every need. All apartments are regularly furnished and have either a balcony or a French balcony. Prices start from 3,750 DKK/month for a Club Room and go up to 12,000 DKK/month for a 5-room apartment with a direct view of Herlufsholm Forest.


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